Friday, June 10, 2011

nothing much

moral of da story: what should i say?

yes. sumtimes i look fool. just because i do love you n i thought it's da worst thing i've done when i against ur words.
yes. sumtimes i look dumb when i try to make u smile n  people start call me da clown.
yes. sumtimes i look like a loser when i cry just because i'm afraid of losing u when u're not even mine.
yes i do not understand myself yet. u've changed everything in me. i thought, ur spell has worked very well when i'm being so... infatuated now-dat's da rite words. it's okay. i luv to see ur laf. i luv to see ur smile. i know, one day sumhow either u or me will walk away.. but when da time comes, plis do remember i'm da one who'd create da smile n laf in ur heart eva. :)

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