Monday, June 13, 2011


moral of da story:+.+

now i feel like crying. wuwuwuwu. apesal laa takut sgt nk g tutorial nih? sem nih sangat horrible. why? mybe i'm being so scared to see the lecturers instead of PARANOID i thought. then,  aku rse all the lecturers here should learn how to approach students like mr.azli did. huh. da laa aku nih type of yg buat speculation sendiri. can't wait for the next semester. nak tuka kos. account. make sense tak? it sounds weird kan? hah, memang aku nk tuka kos. at least account tak suffer mcm nih. koman koman pun crack the brain nerves jer(sb focus on exam). then, dengan mood aku yg waving jer semedang nih. PMS mybe. seriusly, need my girlfrens to lift up da spirit now. sam, pipa, alia!!! hum... ):  it sucks to be here. a lot of things aku nk cerite kt korang mcm dulu dulu. plis. i need them. nk ketawe. nk denga korang buat lawak. kat sinih tak bes mcm kat skewl. 


YES. paranoid all over again

it sucks. i'm being so depressed!

lately, i'm thinking of them too much. YES. i do miss them a lot! ):

i thought i need to stop thinking now. then, it wouldn't let me down.

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