Monday, October 31, 2011

who's he

moral of da story: takde laa annoying sangat pon.:)

i'm going to talk about sumone. he's da crasiest man i ever found for dis current ages. hahah. hot tempered, tapi giler lawak. hah, tak ke pening nk describe tuh. mmg takley nk describe himself by words pon. degil, tapi caring. garang tp loving. sumtimes he looks like ignorance walhal sgt laa amek berat. nampak mcm takde hati perut, tp actualy i knew he sacrificed a lot! gaye macam samseng, tp dalam ht ade taman. hahah. sangat lawak. i always said: he is annoying! but actualy, he already made my day! made my day full of colors. hah, he doesn't know how he is really meant to me. :). thanks for being part of my life now. if one day, u won't be part of me sum more, u still da precious moment i ever had foerever. :). i do luv u. n only Allah knows how damn much it is.

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